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You Had Me At ‘Franchising’

    Thirty-five years have passed since my first exposure to franchising.

    It was love at first sight.

    Franchising had me at “hello.”

    Since then, I’ve spent most of my career in small box retail—units that are one or two thousand square feet, anchored by a big box retailer or supermarket chain; local shops where people stop in to get a haircut, buy a frozen yogurt or send a package. These little spaces can be so many things, and so common that we might not think much about them at all. Yet, if you could look behind the windows and see the human stories behind the businesses, you would see the commitment of family, friends and staff; you’d see the bravery and courage of an entire community of business leaders overcoming fear and self-doubt, all for the chance to Live It 2 Own It.

    -Peter Holt, The Joint Chiropractic President & CEO